Equipment used for sterilization and drying of various materials and utensils in dental clinics, medical clinics, health centers and outpatient clinics, among others. Easy installation, no hydraulic installation required.

Control built with components of the highest quality and reliability, with fully automatic operation, realized through microcontroller. It allows to select the working temperature between 120 to 134ºC, the sterilization time of up to 60 minutes and the drying time of up to 45 minutes, which allows total flexibility to the user in the use of different materials.

Excellent accuracy and monitoring in temperature control, obtained by means of a thermoresistance (PT-100).

Cylindrical chamber made of stainless steel AISI 304, externally coated with heat insulating material, which optimizes its operation, reduces energy consumption and does not transfer heat to the environment.

It has trays made of stainless steel AISI 304, fully drilled to allow a good circulation of the steam, guaranteeing excellent quality in the sterilization.

AISI 304 cast stainless steel door, with high temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring. It has a device that prevents the operation of the equipment with the lid open.

Robust door closure system, internally fitted with a thrust bearing that provides greater safety and smoother handling. The cables are bakelite, heat insulating.

Electrical immersion resistance, shielded and made of stainless steel tube.

Stainless steel reservoir coupled to the equipment, with a capacity of 4.0 liters. It allows the reuse of the water, allowing several cycles of sterilization without the need of replenishment.

Cabinet in carbon steel plate with anticorrosive treatment and epoxy paint. It has openings for ventilation type "shutters".

Control panel with on / off switch, gauge, display and control keys.

Electronic safety system that automatically shuts off if the temperature exceeds the set temperature by 3 ° C.

Pressure relief valve set to operate with pressure equal to or greater than MPTA (maximum permissible working pressure).

Electrical safety system through disassemblies and safety thermostat to prevent the burning of resistances and materials in case of lack of water.

Constructed based on ASME and ABNT Standards and complies with Regulatory Standard NR 13.

Optionally this equipment can be equipped with a vacuum pump that allows the drying of the materials with the equipment door closed.
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