Indicated for rapid counting of colonies of bacteria or fungi in Petri dishes up to 120 mm in diameter. It has excellent illumination and visibility conditions, obtained by means of a circular fluorescent lamp of 22 W and 1.5 magnifying magnifying glass with flexible rod.

It allows counting in open or closed plates by means of a sensitive electronic circuit that guarantees the recording, in a digital counter, of the pulses originated from the probe used.

  The support bowl of the Petri dish is stamped in transparent acrylic and checkered to allow easier counting of the number of colonies of the culture. It has memory system for up to 30 plates.

Mounted in polystyrene box (plastic), measures 23 cm wide by 8 cm high by 36 cm deep. It has a tilt adjustment system, which makes viewing more comfortable. Operates on 110/220 volts.