The Peristaltic Pump / Dosing Pump is designed to accurately pump / dose solutions and culture media.
It is a device that uses modern technology and has all the necessary resources to perform accurately and reliably the dosages proposed in its design. Its Brushless motor provides high precision and zero maintenance.
Accepts various types of tubes, flexibilizing the flow rates for ranges from 0.010ml / min to 100ml / min.
Its operation is based on a microprocessor controlled peristaltic pump, which controls all functions of the pump.
Technical Characteristics
Rotor type / nr. of rollers
Rotor in ABS plastic
Number of rollers
02 ABS Plastic Rollers
0.01 at 60.0 RPM, adjustable at 0.01 RPM resolution
Pumping Adjustment Resolution
0.001 ml / min
Peristaltic Pump
Flow rate
0.01 ml / min at 100 ml / min (with suitable tubes)
Accuracy / Stability
Better than 0.01% / Better than 0.001%
Dosing Function
Volume: Adjustable 0.01 to 100.0 ml / min Accuracy: better than 0.01%
Tube Types / Usable Hoses
Dimensions: Various sizes can be used, which reflect at the maximum / minimum pump flow rate and their accuracy, however any tubes can be used, provided that your wall has between 1 and 2 mm thick and its external diameter does not exceed 9 mm
Microphoiner managing all functions, with alphanumeric display 2 lines 16 characters, to visualize adjustments and make operation easy.
Additional Functions
Waiting function between dosages; Dosing number function, Direction reversal function; Function Calibration; External command for PC; External Control for Pedal;
Roads external control
Serial: RS232C with ASCII script (on, off, flow, direction)
Analog: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC (flow only or Rotation)
Food / Consumption / Work Environment
90 to 250 VAC / 20W / Up to 45 ° C 80%
Dimensions Approx / Weight Approx.
HxLxP 130x170x230 mm / 1 kg
12 months
Accompanying Accessories
Instruction manual
01 Silicone Pumping Tube Day. Ext. 4mm, int. 1 mm
Power cable