Transducer arm
Transducer capacity: 0.1. 1000 grams (about 1 mN to 10 N).
Reaction time: 1ms.
Temperature range: 10-60ºC.
Connector cable: 6-pole Mini-DIN.
Cable length: 1.5 meters.
Minimum diameter of the sensor pin: 1.0 mm.
External length of sensor pin: 24mm.
Arm length: 300 mm, outside diameter 19 mm.
Probe material: Disposable polypropylene tip.
Transducer Housing Dimensions:
90mm length, 38mm height x 19mm thickness.
Weight: 173 grams.
Amplifier box
Specially designed differential instrument amplifier with high noise suppression capability for connection to transducers. With wide gain range, it is possible to adjust it for different types of load cells. The control of the signal is scanned by means of a microcontroller that manages the display and also sends the signal to the USB output which can be monitored through a dedicated program that accompanies the equipment.
The system is powered by an isolated transformer with low noise.
Input: 8-pole female mini-DIN.
Transducer excitation voltage: +/- 10 volts.
Digital display: 16-column lcd by 2 lines showing the dynamic value of the weight force and also the maximum value of the applied force.
Output signal: USB 2.0 (standard USB connector).
Power: Standard 110/220 volt, 60 Hz AC.
Dimensions: 190mm width, 90 height, 180mm length.
Weight: 1000 g.
Program to monitor acquired values.