Rota Rod is a device that measures motor activity demonstrating changes in balance and coordination in laboratory animals.
(W x H x D) mm: 520 x 525 x 580
Weight: 15 kg
Supply voltage of 110/220 volts. (Selector switch).
12V motor with gear unit coupled.
Selected RPM ranges electronically adjustable.
Equipment made of acrylic resistant, motorized, with progressive acceleration in 5 maximum ranges:
- 16.20,25.28,37 rpm (variation of about 10%).
Indication of the current state via BarGraf. It has a key for acceleration, deceleration and current state, the acceleration varies within a period of 6 minutes from the minimum to the maximum rotation and the deceleration varies within a period of 1 second from the maximum to the minimum rotation, the current state is to cause the rotation remains fixed.
The four bays have system of detection of fall of the animal through impact, micro-processed circuit, for time keeping of the animal in the bay and count of times in which the east has fallen. The bivolt switching power supply enables perfect system power regulation, preventing the occurrence of voltage surges from the central grid.