IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) System with 56 microisolators


Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and polycarbonate, without doors, with direct injection of air in the microisoladores through valves of stainless steel that have automatic closing. The equipment has ducts for the removal of odors and independent systems of insufflation and exhaust of air, providing; low infection rates, elimination of odors from excretions, and the low volume of noise that can stress animals, thus improving the quality of research and the sanitary standard.

Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 2000 x 2260 x 440

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 56 microisolators - made in transparent polycarbonate, in approximate measurements (L x W x D) in mm: 200 x 230 x 300, autoclavable, unbreakable, resistant to acids and impacts. It has wired support for a 350 ml drinker and support for V-ration. Equipped with high performance castors.

Power Supply 220VAC / 60Hz.
Power 60W.
Efficiency of filtration filter blanket EU3 F 70 B 28 / 180x260 (86% grav).
Absolute filter (EU13) F 781-IAE-B 200x250x60 (99.97% DOP).

Panel with diaphragm keypad control with differential pressure sensor, luminous alarm indicator, filter change and pressure and flow problems.

Advantages of Acquisition:
> Equipment tested and approved.
> Permanent technical assistance guaranteed by BONTHER, under the supervision of Engineers.
> Possibility of maintaining several species.
> Facilitated management of laboratory animals.
> Elimination of odors from animal excretions, with exhaust system outside the research environment, through external duct.
> Better use of the physical space of the experiment site.
> Filter for external exhaust.
> High performance castors.
> BONTHER quality equipment.