Skinner box


Function: The Skinner box is a laboratory equipment used in experimental psychology and its functioning is based on visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli, which elicit an operant behavior, based on three procedures: reinforcement, punishment and extinction.
> Up to 254 Skinner boxes simultaneously monitored.
> Easy cabling system.
> Communication with the computer via Ethernet, allowing remote access to the equipment at any research site, including via the Internet.
> No need to use external interface for computer communication.
> Bold design with unique technology in the market.
> 1st Box of Computerized Skinner of Brazil.
Features of Monitoring Software (sold separately).
> Possibility of open programming of reinforcement schemes.
> Creation of multiple protocols to meet the user's research needs, with possibility of direct programming of the following schemes: continuous reinforcement, fixed ratio, variable ratio, progressive ratio, fixed interval, variable interval, multi-protocols and creation of new protocols.
> Multi-Event Inputs and Multi-Output Stimuli.
> Configurable report allowing the user to select data fields to be printed.
> Exportable file for Word, Excel, Text files or PDF.
> Simultaneous management of Skinner Boxes with individualized protocols, allowing the user to use different protocols simultaneously.
Box composed of aluminum sides painted with epoxy electrostatic paint, transparent acrylic roof and front, magnetic closure on the door, stainless steel rods, stainless steel rod for the right hand mouse with drinking fountain in its lower part, light (2 high power LEDs), on the top of the right side housing on a fixed stand.
External electronic control:
Digital clock with 6-digit sampling, being: hours, minutes and seconds, with button to start and stop counting of the elapsed time of the experiment and also pushbutton to reset the clock.
5-digit bar press counter with reset button for counting, ie 99999 bar presses.


Dimensions Control (W x H x H): 250 x 160 x 115 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
External measurements of animal housing: 310 mm height x 260 mm front x 225 mm deep.
Voltage: automatic bivolt
Control of luminous intensities:
Light - On or Off with five intensities
a - 0% (0 lux)
b - 25% (16 lux)
c - 50% (112 lux)
d -75% (277 lux)
and - 100% (486 lux)
Drinking fountain:
Collection capacity of water by the collecting shell: 10 microliters, Manual operation (operator), automatic (mouse).
Alarm sound:
Frequency of 1 kilohertz, button with automatic and manual option.
Shock Generator:
Scrambler output up to 2540 uA.
The Skinner Boxes are designed to be operated in both standalone and computerized mode. In computer mode, they can be interconnected via Ethernet Hub (up to 254 boxes simultaneously).
Hardware Minimum only if Software is purchased:
Pentium III - 1Ghz, 1 GB RAM, with 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port.