Grip Strength Meter


The Grip Strength Meter has been specially developed for neuromuscular measurement and evaluation in the study of the effects of hormones, analgesics, relaxants and other drugs on members of small animals, such as mice and mice.
The equipment is equipped with a force sensor with a capacity of up to 5 kg of tensile force, with a stainless steel grid attached and the animal must be exposed so that its front members touch the grid, and the experimenter holding it by the tail pulls -o towards it, allowing the sensor to measure the force the animal will exert when it grabs the grate.
The equipment is mounted under an anodized aluminum platform with non-slip feet. The electronic control has a display with four lines by sixteen columns, where in the first line is informed the frozen value of the maximum force, in the second line the dynamic value of the force measurement, and in the third line the value of the average of the samplings.
Just below the display, the "Tare" button allows the user to quickly reset the dynamic strength and frozen force and long touch values ??(2 seconds), zero the average value.
The equipment is equipped with selector switch for voltages of 127 / 220V, USB output for communication with computer and presentation of the results of the display in dedicated program. Comes with 4 removable grids for mouse / mouse.
Equipment made for Mice and Mice.
LCD display 2 lines x 16 speakers.
Maximum and average memory.
Range: 0 to 5 kg.
1 gram resolution.
Comes with 4 types of removable grills.
Has pedal to tare or memorize values.
Practical equipment for easy operation.