Monitored with Sensors Octagon Maze


Octagonal Labyrinth Monitored with Sensors

The use of the Labyrinth in the laboratories of psychobiology has allowed to select (screening) anxiolytic drugs and to study their mechanisms of action. Furthermore, its use associated with injury procedures of cerebral pathways or structures as well as procedures of microinjection of drugs in specific regions of the CNS, has been a valuable tool in the study of anxiety neurobiology.

Technical Features:

> Dimensions in mm / Labyrinth without arms:
A x L x C: 230 x 430 x 430

> Dimensions in mm / arm:
A x L x C: 180 x 109 x 470

Total Weight: 16 kg

Voltage: 110/220 VAC with manual selection

-Made in acrylic gray and crystal
- Infrared sensors in the tunnels
-Mounted in 8 modules
-Drives driven by silent electric motor
-Software monitoring
-Add base detachable for inser