Inhalation Anesthesia System


The complete Anesthesia (and accessories) system consists of the following items:
- Anesthesia Administrator
- Induction Box
- Distributor - Accessory
- Nasal Cone
- Heated table (Heat Pad) - Accessory
- O2 Cylinder - Accessory
- Connecting hoses (Silicone)

Technical Features:

Air inlet or O2 cylinder selectable by switch and display indication.

Adjustment of air inlet through flowmeter, with output from 0 to 3 Liters / min (Air) and 0 to 5 liters / min (O2).

Digital monitoring of anesthetic output, with automatic calculation from 0.5 to 19.9%. With resolution of 0.1% of anesthetic (greater economy).

Universal vaporizer (any type of anesthetic) with scale from 0 to 105 cm³. No need for periodic calibration (lower cost).

 CO2 filtering system (better protection for the researcher).

Sealed induction box (150mm x 150mm x 300mm).

Cone with movable support for better adjustment of height.

Optional heated table (Heat Pad).

Weight = 6Kg.

 Made in 10mm thick acrylic gray.

 Dimensions (in millimeters): 440 Length x 480 Height x 300 Width.

 Voltage: Automatic battery (127 / 220V).


The Inhalation Anesthesia system was specially developed for the inhalation of anesthetic agents by small and medium sized animals;

Compact and robust equipment, easy to handle and can be taken from one place to another quickly and immediately start operation;

The system is available in different configurations, but usually consists of a digital flow meter, a universal vaporizer, a soda lime filter, a breathing mask nasal circuit, silicone hoses and an induction box;