Rat and Mice Perfusion Peristaltic pump


Peristaltic Pump

Function: The Peristaltic Pump system is assimilated from the digestive system in the human body, where the peristaltic movement displaces liquids and solids in a certain sense. The effectiveness of this system and its simplicity promote easy handling of circulation and durability. In the Peristaltic Pump this movement is produced rotationally by compressing a silicone duct. The high performance with low cost make this system one of the most reliable in the market.

FLOW: Adjustable through electronic circuit
ROTOR AND CENTRAL HEAD: Machined aluminum
ROLES: Stainless steel
TUBES: Silicone
NUMBER OF CHANNELS: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
FLOW: 1; 2; 3; ..... 100 ml / min.
TENSION: 110/220 volts