Mice Mood test (Forced Swimming)


Forced Swim for Mice


- The device can be connected to a computer via the USB 2.0 communication port.
- The system has a monitoring program of the movement of the animal on the surface of the liquid, discriminating the activation time of each sensor, as well as the elaboration of a graphic map of the points and moments that happened the changes. A report can be generated discriminating the moments of greater or lesser activity, and of total immobilization of the animal.

Technical specifications

- Sensor Support: 32 infrared sensors housed in a rectangular acrylic frame positioned at the X and Y coordinates in the same plane.
- System with adjustable height at the level of the immersion liquid.
- Reservoir emptying system.

External Dimensions

(HxWxD) 680x465x465 mm

Cylinder for Mice Ø 18 cm x Height 29 cm (Volume) 8 liters.

Power Source

127/220 Volts Automatic (bivolt)