Wireless Digital Stereotaxic


The use of the stereotactic device allows clinically to reproduce standardized medullar trauma in rats in a simple, economical and satisfactory way, which may provide advances in therapeutic investigations, including neurodegenerative diseases, such as acute medullary trauma.

Function: The stereotactic equipment allows the precise displacement of artifacts (micropipettes, cannulas, electrodes, etc.) in the three orthogonal axes in the space, positioning them in the desired coordinates. The mechanism allows coupling and operating micro syringes so as to produce slow and accurate injections thereby performing topical application of neurotoxins. The accuracy of structural interventions depends primarily on this equipment.

Bearing equipment on anodized aluminum flywheels, containing a ring that allows the researcher to a perfect fit in tenth. The system of tears is the swallowtail, with teflon adjustable straps, anti-friction material, with screw tightening. The movements x, y and z are made with thread shafts of (M6 - step 2 input), equipped with the precise advance equipment. The scales are made on the material itself being a recording made by the machining center. (computerized machine).

 Fully built in aluminum and stainless steel
 Ideal for electrode implant surgeries in rats and mice
 1 or 2 towers