Digital Infusion Inhaled Anesthesia System


The Bonther Digital Infusion Inhaled Anesthesia  System brought to the researcher the maximum efficiency for the experiments with rats and mice and the practicality of the displacement.
Imagine. You can conduct your experiments with anesthesia anywhere in your lab.
One of the most advanced inhaled anesthesia systems on the market.
Technical Characteristics
    Infusion anesthesia is a very economical, portable, lightweight, quiet and easy to use device. It does not need an exhaust hood because it has an activated carbon filter.
    This new system saves a lot of isoflurane because it uses the new low flow method with 0.5LPM is enough to serve mice and mice. The researcher also saves on oxygen cylinder loads.
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    Sealed induction box (150 mm x 150 mm x 300 mm). Acrylic gray 10 mm
    Cone with movable support for better adjustment of height.
    Heated table (Heat Pad). - Optional Accessory (not included)
    Weight = 3 kg.
    Voltage: Automatic bivolt (127/220 v).